Capability & confidence.

A constant challenge my clients face is the lack of both in-house capacity and capability to confidently build their employer brand whilst focusing on business-as-usual. This is where I come in, with a flexible and tailored service minus large agency overheads. I ask astute questions to understand your business and talent objectives, sometimes challenging the beliefs and assumptions that have become stale habits in their approach.

It’s about quality of hire, not just the quest to be an employer of choice.

I help clients define and develop their EVP and establish talent marketing programs in these ways.

  • EVP research, development and activation

  • Employer brand strategy

  • Creative platform development

  • Campaign development and management

  • Brand ambassador activation

  • HR team coaching for confident brand implementation

  • Internal and external talent marketing including content marketing, social recruiting and recruiting campaign development and implementation

  • Coaching Services to support and enable you to create your EVP in-house

Employer branding can do much more than attract and engage talent. Some approach it like marketing communications, yet I’ve found this to be only part of a sustainable solution. Here’s my take on it.

Quality of hire

An authentic glimpse inside your organisation gives people real insight into what it’s like to work in your business. It helps attract more applications from talent who are the right fit. This clarity also means those who are not right for the business will self-select out, improving candidate quality.

Understanding the gaps

The process of researching and developing your EVP typically exposes gaps between the motivations and expectations of talent and the reality of the employment experience currently on offer. With this additional depth, you’re armed with insights and tools to embark on a change management program to close those gaps and really deliver the EVP. The overall impact on the business operation and culture is a positive one.

Keeping the radar on

You need a plan to stay top of mind. Using storytelling in right channels keeps you on the radar of passive talent and inspires them to learn more and engage with you.

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