Elissa Fletcher, Global Talent, Mobility & HR Systems Manager

Bravura Solutions 

Kind words from Happy clients.

Recently we engaged Margie as an EVP coach to guide us through the process of designing a global EVP and Employer Brand internally.

Margie’s EVP program is logical, well-designed, structured and easy to follow. She provided a practical process with templates and clear guidelines for every step of the EVP development process. From project team setup, stakeholder engagement to research, analysis, reporting and developing the creative brief, one of the biggest benefits was that she had done all the thinking. I didn’t have to figure out what to do next. She was always one step ahead, saving me a lot of time!

From the outset it was clear that Margie would become an extension of our team. Given that my background is in HR, not marketing, her years of experience and expertise in this space were invaluable. She helped us understand the importance of defining and prioritising our key talent segments and explained many of the nuances that come with talent marketing which were previously unfamiliar. Our regular coaching calls gave me the confidence to tackle what had previously seemed a daunting process and enabled me to successfully lead the team to execute internally and she was a great sounding board throughout the project

One of the most unexpected take-outs was the knowledge and skills around employer branding that I, and the internal project team gained. We also developed a much deeper understanding of what drives and motivates our talent – a level of insight that we would not have gained if we had outsourced the project to an agency. I can now confidently tackle conversations with our stakeholders around investing in our talent marketing and speak to the needs of our talent segments so that we get the support to develop the right messaging that resonates with and attracts the right people for our business.

Margie has a collaborative, thoughtful approach. She’s accessible and truly cares about producing a quality outcome and providing value for investment. We’re extremely proud of the work we have produced and couldn’t have done it without her!

Barb Hyman, 
(former) Executive General Manager HR

REA Group

In a world where your ability to attract the best talent is everything, choosing a consultant to partner with to identify and market your employee brand is one of the most important decisions you make as the EGM for People & Culture.  REA Group chose Margie Kwan to develop our EVP because she has both deep insight into our talent segments having worked at Linked in as well as on the client side for a number of years, and because she was willing to truly get inside of the company and understand what motivated and inspired the people. 

Margie structured the project to deliver to our aggressive timeline, and in the design of the project she was inclusive of all of the critical talent segments which traversed geographies,  facilitating the focus groups , distilling and analysing the feedback to crystallise the key themes by segment and by geography,  curating the actual brand positioning and then mapping out an implementation plan for us to own and run with.

Whilst REA is beautifully homogenous/consistent when it comes to people living by its values, it’s very diverse in the skill sets and backgrounds of its people, and crafting an employee brand that is faithful to the core values and which reflects that diversity is no easy feat! Margie was adept at engaging with both senior stakeholders and the key influencers within those talents segments so that we could present authentically as one company on our employee brand message.

Throughout the project Margie was as invested in the outcome as I was, focused always on how to structure the project so that the employer brand messages really were a product of the people who worked there which then makes internal adoption and amplification of those messages a lot easier.

One of the delights of having Margie lead this project is she just felt like one of the team - she understood how we liked to communicate and engage, she integrated within the company like one of us!


Devin Rogozinski, Talent Brand Global Lead


Margie really understands the intersection of brand and talent which is an area that is still very much being uncovered by many in the space. Whether it’s creating a value proposition, aligning a media plan, or developing a marketing strategy, I’d trust Margie’s opinion on the matter.