Client: REA Group

The brief

Create a single, simple and universally compelling story about what it means to work at REA Group globally that:

  • captures the unique essence of their culture and values
  • differentiates them from other digital companies
  • appeals to the breadth of candidates they look for, and their people
  • is globally consistent, but adaptive to local markets

… and addresses the misconception that REA is “only a real estate listing company” as opposed to the highly successful, publicly listed and globally expanding digital business that it is.

The work

  • EVP research and analysis across 7 talent segments in Australia and Asia
  • EVP development and message creation  
  • Employer Brand strategy and application of EVP to brand assets

The key theme that consistently surfaced from the research was the genuinely warm and friendly environment, talented and passionate people combined with their culture doing challenging and innovative work. It’s a highly collaborative environment where pace and energy are central to the way things are done.

The task was to relay this along while also communicating REA’s growth and global ambitions and the pride their people feel in being associated with this Aussie success story.