When you engage me, you get me.

I’m not accountable to anyone but my clients. Freed up from meeting agency targets and demands, I can give clients my full focus. As a consultant, I carry knowledge of the project across all the key elements. No hand-offs to different roles in the project, no risk of moving to a new job mid-project.

After working with you to develop your EVP and brand strategy, I guide and coach you in each aspect of the creative and implementation process. You’ll be set up to confidently implement, with your brand tactics, assets, channels and systems in place so execution becomes process driven.

Working this way, I’ve seen the value of shaking up the traditional employer brand agency model.

I know it’s not easy for an overstretched HR, TA or Marketing Manager to find the time needed to manage an agency and the amount of internal stakeholder education, communication and influencing to bring the organisation along for the ride.  This is where I can help you.

I'm available for projects, or to work with your business for short to medium-term periods to help you establish employer branding programs that help you achieve your talent marketing goals.

In addition to the services I provide, I can work with your in-house marketing agency, or bring in talented specialists to develop the creative assets and channel tactics. You’ll have access to all the skills you would get from an agency.