EVP Coaching

Create your tailored and comprehensive EVP story, supported by coaching services

This is the process that a branding agency or brand consultant would undertake to do a thorough bottom-up (through understanding employee motivators) and top-down (through understanding leadership aspirations) construction of your EVP.

Instead of an agency or consultant doing that – we’ve taken all that IP from our years of experience and create templates, online coaching videos, and guidelines.

So that you can confidently replicate the process in house and save tens of thousands of dollars on brand agency fees.

Qualitative focus groups and leadership interviews give you a much more solid insight – not just into what’s most important to your employees and potential candidates – but also WHY

You get done for you templates (engagement decks, focus group questions, interview facilitation guides, internal comms desk) so that the bulk of the thinking is done for you – but there’s still the ability to tailor the documents to suit your organization.

There is a much high degree of communication – to leaders and stakeholders, but also to your employees to bring them along the journey as the goal is to eventually turn them into advocates for the brand.

With the higher level of customization this DOES require hands on involvement from your team – a project lead who can dedicate a good chunk of their time to running the project. That person is in effect, replacing the role of the external consultant. They need to be reasonably senior and influential in the business.

How it works

I will provide step by step guidance and templates for you to execute on each phase of the program

We will have a project kickoff call followed by fortnightly (weekly when required) coaching calls of 60 – 90 minutes during which time

You can ask questions, bounce ideas, workshop issues and challenges with me to gain clarity and feedback around work in progress

I will provide an overview of upcoming steps

You can provide feedback on the program content and structure - what is isn’t working for you

Elissa Fletcher will be the project lead and single point of contact with me


Pre-recorded  video tutorials (the why and how overview)

PDF guidelines on how to execute each step

Templates that you can adapt for your project (e.g. employee emails, focus group questions and facilitation guides, internal communications decks, data collection templates

It’s about quality of hire, not just the quest to be an employer of choice.

I help clients define and develop their EVP and establish talent marketing programs in these ways.

  • EVP research, development and activation

  • Employer brand strategy

  • Creative platform development

  • Campaign development and management

  • Brand ambassador activation

  • HR team coaching for confident brand implementation

  • Internal and external talent marketing including content marketing, social recruiting and recruiting campaign development and implementation

Employer branding can do much more than attract and engage talent. Some approach it like marketing communications, yet I’ve found this to be only part of a sustainable solution. Here’s my take on it.

Quality of hire

An authentic glimpse inside your organisation gives people real insight into what it’s like to work in your business. It helps attract more applications from talent who are the right fit. This clarity also means those who are not right for the business will self-select out, improving candidate quality.

Understanding the gaps

The process of researching and developing your EVP typically exposes gaps between the motivations and expectations of talent and the reality of the employment experience currently on offer. With this additional depth, you’re armed with insights and tools to embark on a change management program to close those gaps and really deliver the EVP. The overall impact on the business operation and culture is a positive one.

Keeping the radar on

You need a plan to stay top of mind. Using storytelling in right channels keeps you on the radar of passive talent and inspires them to learn more and engage with you.

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