I’m Margie Kwan.

I’m an enthusiastic expert in Employer Brands. After five years client-side and another seven consulting, I can help you influence talent to choose your company for the right reasons. Along the way, I’ve gained insights to help businesses stand apart in a competitive talent market.

Think of me as a Brand Strategist, Account Director and Employer Brand Manager rolled into one. Ready to partner with you to show your Executive Team how HR can transform business outcomes.

Use my experience to expand yours

  • Client side as Asia Pacific Employer Branding Leader, EY.

  • EVP, brand and social recruiting consulting to the top 200 Enterprise customers across Australia and New Zealand as Senior Talent Brand Consultant, LinkedIn.

  • Providing EVP development and employer brand strategic consulting services as Employer Brand Consultant.

Clients appreciate having me onside to help them get started, give honest feedback and guide them through the EVP development process. I help them uncover their best brand story and bring it to life. By collaborating, they gain capability and confidence to attract, engage and retain the best talent.

My aim is to make working together a simple, practical and enjoyable experience on an ‘as needs’ basis. I work in a naturally authentic style, a friendly and reliable team member who can inspire you and your stakeholders around the business impact employer branding activities will have.